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WELCOME to Genesis Collegiate,
the first accredited private kindergarten in Bucharest

Genesis team, through the experience achieved during the 18 years of activity, is a team of professionals who guarantee the educational act.  
From now on, we will work together for the education and well-being of your child, guaranteeing you that he will benefit from the advantages that the Genesis educational system offers.
The Genesis educational system meets the individual needs of children, paying a great importance to the free and harmonious development of their personality. The entire activity takes into consideration the age and individual particularities, by supporting the autonomous and creative learning.
The Genesis educational programme guarantees the preschool child of today a successful school career in the future. 
We, the Genesis Kindergarten team, together with Genesis School, invite you to be our partners in the education and training of our children!

The Genesis story started in year 2000, with the opening of a kindergarten which would offer the children a high quality early education, develop their abilities in a safe environment and open their way for the next learning stages.

At the end of the school year, on Wednesday, the 12th of June, our little ballerinas, together with their ballet teacher, Sabina Ioniță, have held their festive ballet public lesson. Congratulations everyone!
Genesis Kindergarten is going to conduct a new Educational Project called “A journey to the Kingdom of Ice” in December and January. The project will be carried out throughout four weeks and it is going to be related to the transdisciplinary theme “How the world works”, from the International Educational…
The month of November has started here, at Genesis Kindergarten, with a new Educational Project intitled “The story of a leaf”. This project will be conducted throughout five weeks and it will be linked to the transdisciplinary theme “ „How we express ourselves”, from the International Educational Programme PYP -…
The activities included in the usual kindergarten schedule and the accommodation programme suppose spending time outdoors daily, at the playground, if the weather permits it. Children will be invited to explore the playground and the kindergarten`s green area and to play freely.
The month of September was, for us, the month in which the educational project “My Story” has started. This project was conducted throughout five weeks. Who am I and who are the ones next to me? We intended to find out, along with every child, how did each of them…
Genesis Collegiate has prepared for the children a new enhanced programme, which is aligned to the international educational requirements, more flexible and better structured. In order to make the kindergarten`s schedule, we have adapted to the new psychological requirements concerning the lesson planning, following the criteria related to the child`s…
The period between 3 and 14 September is dedicated to the accommodation of the children and to the time they need in order to get used to our kindergarten`s environment. During this time frame, they will engage in daily social and interpersonal games. They will also be given the opportunity…

International Accreditation

Today, the Genesis Collegiate Campus is accredited for all levels of education, starting preschool until middle school, it has joined the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization, which provides educational programmes in 146 countries and it is in the process of obtaining international IB accreditation.

For 18 years, we have built a culture based on high professional standards, ethics, transparency, openness to the universal human values and the economic, cultural and social realities of today’s world. We are continuously improving our knowledge and abilities, in order to help our students to learn with passion, to dare to learn more, to ask questions, to find solutions and to find answers.

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